Data Updates


Channel A L1C and L1D data are now available through 11/30/2019.  Data will continue to be released on a regular basis going forward.  The dates currently available for each data product can be found on the Current Data Product Versions page at

Channel B L1C and L1D night time (NI1) data are also now available through 11/30/2019.  The CHB NI1 data from the period 12/15/18-3/15/19 are available by request only through a link on the GOLD download page at  See section 3.1.5 of the GOLD data release notes for details on the issues with the CHB NI1 data during that time period.

Updated release notes for GOLD data is available at


GOLD L1C and L1D data have been updated to include a flat-field correction, as well as an improved occultation background subtraction. GOLD Level 2 data have been updated based on the new L1C data. This release also includes the initial version of the L2 QEUV data product.

Both L1 and L2 data are currently available through 8/13/2019, with the exception of L2 QEUV data, which are currently available through 1/31/2019. Updated documentation is available at


The first release of GOLD Level 2 data is now available for download. This initial release of L2 data includes TDISK, TLIMB, and O2DEN data (through 3/14/2019) and ON2 data (through 12/31/2018). Information about these L2 data products is available in the updated data documentation available at

The Level 1 Night data (L1C NI1 and L1D NI1) have been updated to version 02, and are also available for download. This update fixes the previous issue with incorrect radiances being reported in the data files.


On May 12, an error in the calculation of the nightside disk radiances was discovered in the code generating the L1C NI1 files. The count rates and the counts per second are not affected. Only the radiances reported for nightside disk imaging are affected. This affects all of the L1C nightside disk data generated in version 01. The radiances will be corrected in the next data release and the documentation for the data will be updated shortly. Registered users will receive notification of updates.


Initial release of GOLD Level 1 Data. Documentation is available at