NetCDF (Network Common Data Format)

GOLD data products are written in NetCDF file format and are not human-readable. Information about NetCDF is available on the Unidata web site. A list of third-party software that can be used to manipulate or display NetCDF data is available on Unidata’s NetCDF software page.

GOLD NetCDF reader for IDL

The IDL procedure below can be used to read GOLD L1C and L2 data files into IDL:

GOLD Stellar Occultation catalog

The “gold_occultation_catalog.csv” file below includes a list of all occultation measurements that GOLD has made to date (not including data that are still in review or observations held back for data issues).

The listing for each occultation includes:

  • DATE: ISO 8601 formatted UTC timestamp
  • INPUT_FILENAME: The filename of the GOLD L1C OCC file that contains the occultation data
  • TDB_TIME: TDB seconds since January 1 2000 11:58:55.816 UTC at start of L1C time bin
  • STAR_NAME: Name of occulting star in GOLD field-of-view
  • RIGHT_ASCENSION: Right ascension of occulting star in arcminutes
  • DECLINATION: Declination of occulting star in arcminutes
  • SOLAR_ZENITH_ANGLE: Planar angle the sun direction to the reference point and reference point normal (degrees)
  • LATITUDE: Tangent point latitude relative to fixed earth frame of line to star (degrees)
  • LONGITUDE: Tangent point longitude relative to fixed earth frame of line to star (degrees)