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GOLD reveals unexpected changes in Earth’s nighttime ionosphere

This October 15, 2018, GOLD image of daytime airglow clearly shows the equatorial ionization anomaly (EIA) as two arcs on either side of the magnetic equator, which extend across the nightside of the disk. The colors represent an increase in oxygen emissions from blue to red,...
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Earth’s Shining Upper Atmosphere — From the Apollo Era to the Present

[caption id="attachment_3987" align="alignright" width="300"]Apollo 16 UV image comparison with GOLD UV image Compare views of Earth's shining ionosphere: the Apollo 16 photo taken in 1972 is at left, and an image from GOLD data visualization is at right. The perspectives differ slightly because while the Apollo photo...
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GOLD Captures Its First Image of the Earth

[caption id="attachment_2780" align="alignright" width="239"] Shown here is the “first light” image of ultraviolet atomic oxygen emission (135.6 nm wavelength) from the Earth’s upper atmosphere captured by NASA’s GOLD instrument. It was taken at approximately 6 a.m. local time, near sunrise in eastern South America. The colors correspond to...
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